Recording and Performance Analysis (RPA) of Bovines :

     To augment milk production through progressive enhancement of the genetic make-up it is highly necessary to inseminate the cow with semen having more production potential than that of the particular animal. So, estimation and analysis of the milk production performance of the animal is of utmost importance in order to make effective breeding intervention to boost milk production. Accordingly, a Participatory Research Activity called “Recording and Performance Analysis (RPA) of Bovines” was implemented involving the farmers of five blocks namely Basudevpur, Gop, Kesinga, Atabira and Hatadihi of Bhadrak, Puri, Kalahandi, Bargarh and Keonjhar districts respectively with a physical target of 1000 under NPBB 2014-15. Under NPBB, 2016-17 RPA of 1000 Indigenous Bovines of Ghumsari and Binjharpuri breeds were taken up in two districts namely Gajam & Jajpur.