Ghumusari Breed of Cattle

Breed Origin and Development

    This breed is mostly found in and around Bhanjanagar, Aska, Dharakote, Sorada and Hinjlikut earlier known as ‘Ghumusar’ in Ganjam district.
    The animals are mostly reared in flocks by Gouda Community of the localities and are reared in free range system with little input in form of concentrated feeding.

Breed Description

The animals are small to medium sized, compact with symmetrical body having small head with fore head being flat and broad and depressed in between the eyes.
Horns are small, straight and having rounded tips.
Coat Color is whitish to grey.
Head is small sized with flat and straight forehead. Males have longer and bigger head than of females.. Ears are small to medium and horizontal in position.
Udder is bowl shaped. Milk vein is less prominent.
Tail extends below the hock. Switch is black.
These animals attain maturity at the age of around 30-32 months

Breed utility and Special Qualities.

The breed is a popular draft animal. The bullocks are very good draft animals. Dung is very useful for fuel and manure.