National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has developed an information system called “Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH)”in association with M/s Infosys Ltd., Bangalore to cover all areas of animal productivity enhancement. Application of INAPH is mandatory for all the agencies involved in providing productivity enhancement services to dairy farmers.

The INAPH consists of following key modules-:

  •   Animal Identification and Registration
  •   Animal breeding(AI delivery)
  •   Genetic improvement Progeny testing and Pedigree selection
  •   Nutrition (Ration Balancing)
  •   Health care

    This network is “windows” based, client server architecture application based on net frame work. Both online and off line version of the application are available on desktop/laptop/phone/tablet platforms. NDDB is the custodian of the data base and responsible for its safety, security and confidentiality. Implementation of INAPH is a joint operation on mutually agreed conditions between NDDB & service provider involved in productivity enhancement services to dairy farmers. It is two way beneficial to the farmers and also the service providers in maximizing the productivity. Under the Central assistance INAPH has been implemented in Odisha.